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chicago, il
united states


the swede.

erik carl - designer, photographer

Hey, i'm erik


I'm a hopeless romantic with a need to wander. 


Honestly though, I'm constantly writing my thoughts on paper as I explore this world. I have been a globetrotter since childhood. I've seen the Norwegian Fjords as a little boy, I've sang in St. Stephen's Cathedral in high school, and I've traveled around the United States. I love anything that gets my heart beating, except for roller coasters. 

I have a love for all things outdoor, fashion, exploration, coffee, & Chipotle. I used to run marketing for a luxury ‘made in the USA’ menswear brand. Watching products being crafted in the States has magnified my love for 'made in the USA' brands. I will never trade my Red Wing Heritage boots and I will never turn my back on Sanborn Canoe Company. I'm rooted here.

When I think fashion - I think practicality. I need something that will last, able to keep up with my lifestyle, and look good. You will most likely see me wearing a denim jacket. I've turned into my dad from the 90s. Because of my admiration for watching artists craft their goods, I too attempt to make my clothes a little more like my personality. I add patches to my jackets, I create my own pocket squares, and I customize my own Vans. I'm a fashion designer wannabe. Oh and real leather, I love you. 

Outside of fashion, my lifestyle is photography. No, not just behind a camera; I am always trying capture memories. I'm looking for new experiences, new coffee shops, new places to explore, and new people to meet. And sometimes, ok maybe more than that, I photograph these opportunities with a camera. 

I love what I do. 

I love telling other people's stories and how their stories collide with my own. I'm here to be real and authentic. And a lil goofy. 

So, let's tell stories together. 

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