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chicago, il
united states

Where Do I Belong?


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Where Do I Belong?

Tommy Engstrom

I've been living in Chicago for three years. And before that I lived in New York City for a year. I love city life. I thrive off the fast-paced lifestyle. The constant movement of people and things. It's almost as if I get my energy from the never-ending supply of activity around me. I am a city boy, through and through. At least I think I am. 

In my mind I have to always be living in the city. If I ever get married and have a family, we are going to live in the city. But what if that's not what I am meant to do? What if, in fact, I am meant to live away from the urban metropolis? Throughout the past year I've gone on trips, away from the city. To Washington and Oregon. To Northern Wisconsin. Each time I immurse myself in nature, I realize that there is something much greater at work. Life in the city makes me feel small amidst something big. Being out in nature makes me feel like a part of something bigger.

So what is it? Is Tommy a city boy? Or is there more wanderer at heart? I don't know, but I know that I love both. And I am excited for whatever life throws my way.