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chicago, il
united states

Up Against a Wall.


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Up Against a Wall.

Tommy Engstrom

Eclectic. I think that would be the best way to describe my stay day in and day out. Some days I wear athletic clothing. Other days 90s grunge. Hipster is a normal occurrence for me, as well. But more often than not, there are influences that I take from the classic preppy appearance. When I'm up against a wall and have no idea what style to emulate that day, I will more than likely go the route of the Ivy League style.

Oxford button downs.
Striped ties. 
Navy blazers.

I am not saying that I will look like a Kennedy every single second of every single day. But more often than not, elements of this classic style will appear in my outfits.

One of my favorite looks lately, especially as weather is slowly starting to show signs of being spring, is a simple solid crewneck sweatshirt with a striped navy blazer over. It is the perfect combination of dressed up comfort. Let's be honest, I don't always want to get dressed up to run errands or grab coffee with a friend. By simply adding a lightweight blazer, the look is instantly elevated. Here is my advice for the day: whether striped or solid, wool or cotton, a navy blazer is an absolute must for any man's wardrobe. Do yourself a solid and find one that matches your body type and aesthetics and be confident wearing it dressed up or dressed down.


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