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The Chamber of Denim & Dad Hats.

Erik Engstrom

There are a number of things that I have developed a fond obsession with over the last few months and those include:

  1. Dad hats
  2. Abandoned places
  3. All black outfits
  4. Denim

When I was up in Minnesota visiting my brother a few weeks ago, we stumbled upon an abandoned middle school and I knew that we had to explore. There was a thick musk that hung in the air. Water dripped from the ceiling. Mold and algae plagued the walls and floors. I am sure that it was not the most healthy place, but none of that mattered because I was enthralled. 

Thank the fashion gods because the outfit I wore that day worked perfectly with the surroundings. The all black of my clothes perfectly complimented the vivid green mold and algae on the floor. Can I just go back and take more photographs? Okay, thanks!


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I Want to Dress Like Justin Bieber.

Tommy Engstrom

The older I get, the more confusing my sense of style becomes. Am I preppy? Am I hipster? Am I urban or Euro? What about outdoorsy and natural? Every time I walk into my closet or open up my dresser drawers, it looks as though every fashion stereotype is represented. If you told me that I had to define what my personal style is, I would have a difficult time. I think that the easiest way for me to describe it would be to say that it is eclectic. 

This next few statements might be embarrassing. Or perhaps it is pathetic. But when I saw the music video for Justin Bieber's I'll Show You I wanted to copy his style. Platinum blonde hair and all. Or maybe it was just that I wanted to go to every location that they filmed at. Yea, that's it...not the J.Biebs style...

Please excuse me while I go listen to PURPOSE on repeat. 


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I Swear, I Won't Kill This Plant.

Tommy Engstrom

I did it! I've finally built up the courage to purchase plants for my apartment. Now many of you may not realize the magnitude of such an action. They are just plants, what's the big deal? Well, this is coming from someone that cannot even keep an air plant alive. No matter what I do, I never fail to kill a plant. It's a curse. 

This past weekend I ventured out to the store and purchased not one, but two, new plants! I bought an orchid and an aloe vera plant. Perhaps I am biting off more than I can chew, but I get serious envy when I browse Instagram and find beautiful apartments filled with greenery. See below example:

 I will be successful. I will keep these plants alive. I will develop a green thumb!


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