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But First Coffee...

Erik Engstrom

Coffee is wonderful. Coffee is good. Coffee is so wonderful it's all I want.

When I am running around the city, to work, meetings, or simply running errands, I typically want a quick fix for my caffeine addiction. A trenta iced coffee from Starbucks is my go-to. It is quick, easy, and packs enough punch to keep me going. Starbucks has its time and place. 

Here's the honest truth though...I much prefer going to a smaller, locally owned coffee shop. One that roasts their own beans in the back of their shop. One that doesn't have mass produced aprons that their baristas have to wear. One that allows their employees to have and show off any tattoos or piercings they may have. When I am in Chicago, Heritage General Store is my go-to. When I am visiting my parents in the suburbs? Hansa Coffee Roasters all the way.

Reading a book. Working on my novel. Editing photographs. Researching the hottest new restaurants in the city. Chatting with friends and family. Yea, Starbucks may fit the bill when I don't have time to truly enjoy the experience. But when I want to savor the moment, and cup of coffee, I will always choose a local coffee shop.


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