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Tommy Engstrom

Dogs. Siberian Huskies. Bulldogs. Labrador Retreivers. Shar-Pei's. Rottweilers. Growing up, my siblings and I begged to get a dog. It never happened. So here I am, 29-years old, and the urge to own a dog is still as great as it was when I was 10-years old. 

The older I get, however, I notice my perspective changing ever so slightly. Now, I start thinking about both the pros and the cons of being a dog owner.


  1. I would have a loyal companion.
  2. I could take my dog hiking and camping.
  3. It would hopefully get my family momentarily off my back about getting married and having a family. 
  4. Dogs are adorable.


  1. Vet bills.
  2. Paying for dog food.
  3. Dog hair. Everywhere. I am anal retentive and like a clean apartment. This is a big factor.
  4. Flexibility.

Until I allow myself to make that decision, I will just have to enjoy friends' dogs. Or perhaps the random dogs that my brother and I find while walking around camps in Minnesota.


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