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Living Boldly.

Erik Engstrom

I am the type of person that needs constant reminders. I place post-it notes with little encouragements around my home and office. I have actually gotten to the point of hanging my favorite quotes around my house as art. You see these reminders prompt me to live full. Stirring me to live boldly. 

I've gotten to the point that even my clothes encourage me. Thank goodness for Bold Love. Their shirts inspire me to live life to the fullest. Whether that is chasing my dreams, loving people, meeting a homeless guy, whatever. I am challenged everyday. 

I think we all need healthy challenges in our lives. It is easy to not encourage our coworkers. It is easy to walk past the homeless guy under the highway. What would it take to use those 20 seconds of courageousness? What risk would be had? Even better, what reward would be had? The world would get a small glimpse of hope and extreme love. That is the kind of life I'm chasing after. Life full of love. 


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Bold Love Long Sleeve
Warby Parker Lionel

Let's Be Real.

Erik Engstrom

It's been awhile. 2018 is among us. Resolutions were made, and I may have already failed... whoops. 

As you can tell, I've taken some space from this blog for awhile. I wanted to start the new year well and with high hopes. I have however been thinking a lot about this blog. What is this? What is it used for? How do I express myself to you, the reader? 

I think there is always the risk of having a psuedo-personality when portraying yourself online. There is the risk of masking your true self before hundreds of people. And I am longing to be one that does not do that for you. 

If there is one lesson I've learned from 2017 it is to be authentic. I'm not talking about Instagram's #liveauthentic. I'm talking being myself and being real with you all. I celebrate the fact that I can be a serious, deep thinker yet a goofy, wild child.  

So as we look towards the future I promise to be me. I promise to be silly. I promise to laugh. I promise to tell real stories. I promise to share my authentic opinion on products. I promise to be Erik.

This is me.


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Warby Parker Lionel

Photography: Will Palumbo


Erik Engstrom

I'm always on the look for great outdoor apparel. Durability is an absolute must. Whether I am going rock climbing, working out, hiking, or heading to the beach, I need something that will keep up with me. I'm always on the go and I need to be able to pick something from my drawer quickly, toss it on, and head out. 

A few months ago I browsed the usual suspects for new addictions: Patagonia, The North Face, Mountain Hardware. I love them all, but I stumbled upon something new. Topo Designs. Topo is seemed to fit both my aesthetics and my needs - I instantly made a purchase. 

I purchased the Cosmos Tee at first glance. I'm a sucker for the splatter paint effect, the thickness of the shirt, and the ability to wear it with almost anything. 

Topo Desings provides a killer punch to fashion and the outdoors. With their bright colors and durable fabrics, Topo is onto something stellar. Here's my advise: stop by their website or few stores. Browse the bags, the clothes, and don't forget the home goodies. I'm sure I'll be purchasing more in the near future. 

But seriously Topo, get the camera strap back on the shelves. Me want!


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Topo Designs Cosmos Tee
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