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Spring Layers.

Erik Engstrom

I love styling layers. The Winter's brisk air makes layering an easy task. However, come springtime it's not that easy. Especially when you live in Minnesota. One week can be perfect 50 degree weather and the next day a snowstorm can hit instantly. I'll trade my layers for a paid vacation to the Caribbean any day. 

However, I live in bipolar Minnesota. I haven't been able to put away my winter jackets just yet. And the days it is warm, I tend to need a jacket by nightfall. 

So here are a few tips for bipolar Spring (especially for you Midwesterners). 

  1. Light tops - Your body needs to breathe! Put away your flannels and fold up those itchy wool sweaters. This is not the season for those tops. Pick fabrics that are light. Don't have too many bells and whistles on your clothing. Keep it simple. I picked up this Oxford from Gap the other month just for Spring. It really comes in handy on those hot, steamy days. Roll up the sleeves and feel the breeze. Pairing it with a light blazer (from J.Crew) is a perfect combination. 
  2. The jacket - This is the tricky one. Find a jacket that can combat any weather. My Orvis jacket is excellent for those chilly nights by a bonfire, running through the April showers, and light enough when leaving the house. 
  3. No comfy clothes - I know it's simple for people (especially Midwesterners) to fall into the trap of sweatpants, yoga pants, and a sweatshirt. Just because it's cold doesn't mean you need to change your entire aesthetic. Mama Engstrom would not approve. Neither does your love interest. You know she loves when you look good and dressed up. So keep her happy. 


Shop the Look:

Orvis Barn Coat
Gap Oxford Shirt
Gap Clean Khakis
J.Crew Chore Blazer
Red Wing Heritage Classic Mocs

Photography: Jed Cranor 

Spring Pastels.

Tommy Engstrom

April Showers Bring May Flowers

  1. How is it already April? Seriously, I feel like it was just Christmas and we were talking about how crazy it was that 2017 was almost upon us.
  2. Seriously Mother Nature? Rain? I don't want rain today...

It is true, it is a gloomy rainy day here in Chicago, but this past weekend was incredible. Not too cool. Not too warm. Just the right touch of spring in the air. With each new season comes a new wardrobe and look. When I think spring, I immediately think Easter. Bright clothing. Pastels. Light jackets. The gradual introduction of boat shoes. 

I am not quite ready for all of that, but I recently purchased this pink longline t-shirt from Topman and it has me loving the idea of introducing more and more light pastels into my wardrobe. I even got a comment about it this weekend! :) 

Oh, and a good watch. A good watching is always the crowing feature of a good outfit. I am all kinds of obsessed with this new Southview Multifunction watch from Timex. 


Photography by: Britta Marie Photography

Spring '17: The Outlook

Erik Engstrom

What's your outlook on Spring 2017?

Do you have trademark looks that you want to be known for? Are you following that latest trends in men's fashion? I think we're all keeping an eye out for the latest styles and trends. We read the latest GQ articles. We catch glimpses of what bloggers like ScoutSixteen, Yummertime, and Mr. Daniel Ocean are bringing to the table. But what are you bringing to the table?

Like you, I'm on the hunt trying to shape my spring wardrobe. So what's my outlook and feel? Recreation. Living in Minnesota, my style has been shaped around flannels, ripped-jeans, and rugged lumberjack looks. But as spring is approaching, I'm wanting to challenge my daily look. I want to recreate my look. It isn't recreating who I am, but bringing out another side of me. That being said, I'm digging classy looks. I'm loving button downs. I'm wearing more slacks. Dress shoes are my current obsession. 

The Outlook: my spring style is expressing an intelligent and dapper side of life. I am finding that most of my spring pieces are coming from J.Crew. These textured trousers are a must-have with their shortened length. A man needs to show some skin, so how about no-show socks? I've packed my sock drawer with Mack Weldon socks for the spring and I'm perfectly content rocking them with a pair of oxfords. And the hat? Brixton, I'll only wear you.

I think things are looking up for my spring fashion. I know where I'm heading. Do you?


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Brixton Messer Fedora
J.Crew Button Down (similar)
J.Crew Trousers (similar)
Mack Weldon No Show
Aston Grey Ian Cap Toe Oxford