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Erik Engstrom

this article was sponsored by Causegear.
opinions and thoughts are always mine.

I believe in long-lasting, quality goods. I also believe in goods that improve the lives of the individuals of those who create them.

Each one of us has an opportunity to live a life considering the ‘other.’ How often do we think of the people that make the products that we use every day? Browsing the internet and shopping online inhabits everyone’s lives. What if you knew the story behind the man or woman that created the jacket you just purchased? What if your purchase impacted the life of an individual all the way across the world? That is exactly what Causegear offers.

“Handcrafted for freedom.”

Causegear supplies many options of bags, guitar straps, and goodies that provides livable wages for the people that make the products. Causegear is addressing poverty in a real, empowering way. I love how each bag is printed with the woman who created the bag. For the first time as a consumer, you start to build a relationship with the employee. I love that!

Causegear is a stellar brand making a difference in this world. Be sure to check them out. And next time you go to purchase something online, consider the person making those products.


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Urban Pack

“Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God.”
Hebrews 13:16

Mellow Roaster.

Erik Engstrom

this article was sponsored by Mellow Rooster.
opinions and thoughts are always mine.

Did you know I used to hate coffee?

My entire family was obsessed with coffee growing up. Our cabinet was full of different brands and my parents and siblings consumed coffee every day. But here was little Erik, hating the taste and never wanting to get a headache from not having it. Nonetheless, later in life I started to drink coffee because I love the flavor. I’m careful on my own consumption. So that I do not get headaches or feel a need for coffee. Caffeine is a major negative to the need and effects of coffee. Thankfully I’ve found a healthier solution. Mellow Roaster.

Mellow Roaster is a phenomenal solution for those who love the taste of coffee but can’t have it or who are looking for a healthier choice than regular coffee. Mellow has successfully created a 100% organic herbal blend. What’s in it? The ingredients of Mellow’s original blend includes: roasted figs, chicory root, dandelion root, lemon peel, orange peel, carob, and ashwagandha.

Now let us get to the authentic opinion - does it actually taste like coffee?

I have grown to love the taste of coffee and I have to be honest - Mellow Rooster tastes like coffee! I was shocked just as much as any other person. Now I wouldn’t say it is the exact same taste as real coffee but a close second. Heck, it’s way better than decaf coffee. Screw decaf. Never been about that life. Now with Mellow I am excited to drink coffee later in the afternoon. I used to stay clear of coffee in the evenings, but with this blend I’m not afraid to do it.

So if you are considering a healthier lifestyle or wanting coffee without the downfalls of caffeine - Mellow Rooster is the option I highly recommend.


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OG Rooster

The Giving Key.

Erik Engstrom

pay it forward. 

I'm not usually a jewelry type of person, but I have fallen in love with The Giving Keys. A friend of mine gave me this necklace and I truly love it. Quickly, I fell in love with the brand it self. 

I'm going to copy and paste their core values from their website:

Who we'll be tomorrow is not defined by who we were yesterday.

The space between intention and greatness is filled with hard work.

Paying it forward is the ripple effect that will change the world. 

The concept is simple. The momentum is powerful. I, myself, have been influenced by their product. I was extremely touched by my friend's gift. I now wear the necklace everyday. It is a wonderful gift to give. Or if you're like Tommy, you just want to purchase one for yourself. Whatever you do, I encourage to follow through and wearing your key. Wear it proud. 

Not only am I behind the product, I am behind the brand. I have a heart for the homeless community. Since serving in downtown Chicago years back, these people have touched my heart. Every key purchased provides an opportunity for a person to transition from homeless to a career. Already The Giving Key has provided jobs for 70+ individuals. 

If you're like me and you enjoy fashion - this product is for you.
If you're like me and you stand for righteous causes - this product is for you.


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The Giving Keys Collection