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Camp Wandawega.

Erik Engstrom

The Great Outdoors either barfed all over me or I spent the weekend at Camp Wandawega. You decide.

Amongst the woods of Elkhorn, Wisconsin, there’s a plot of land that seems trapped decades ago. Camp Wandawega. A cultural hotspot for hipsters and photographers alike to come and experience the time capsule that is the Camp.

This past weekend I had the pleasure to venture to Wisconsin with a group of good friends. While we were there for business, it’s too hard not to play. Hatches were thrown, coffee was made, canoes were put into the water, and I almost got frostbite. Or I think I almost did.

During our time at Wandawega, nostalgic memories of summer camp infiltrated my mind: fishing off the dock, campfires & s’mores, and sneaking out late to kiss a girl. Don’t tell my parents I did that.

David & Tereasa (innkeepers/owners) have captured vignettes of yesteryears that satisfies all generations. My grandparents would host 'Cousins Camp’ at their cabin in northern Minnesota and their aesthetic was just as appealing and delightful as Wandawega. They’d be proud to see this camp. But also, those young twenty-some, city-living hipsters are happy to leave the skylines for this bright, Wes Anderson-like vibe. It’s no wonder why this is an Instagrammer’s dream.

While at Camp, I couldn’t help but feel the overwhelming sense of ‘cozy.’ It could be the reminders of my childhood or the fact that the Camp made me feel like a kid again. I felt alive and myself. Animated to have fun and energetic all day long. Just like summer camp.

I was sad to say toodles to the precious camp, but happy I left my pillow behind. Fortunately, I could spend an hour chatting with David & Tereasa. They shared more treasures about the property. My weekend just scratched at the surface of what Wandawega has. I’ll have to come back.

Sign me up for next summer!


let all you do be done in love.

Let's Be Real.

Erik Engstrom

It's been awhile. 2018 is among us. Resolutions were made, and I may have already failed... whoops. 

As you can tell, I've taken some space from this blog for awhile. I wanted to start the new year well and with high hopes. I have however been thinking a lot about this blog. What is this? What is it used for? How do I express myself to you, the reader? 

I think there is always the risk of having a psuedo-personality when portraying yourself online. There is the risk of masking your true self before hundreds of people. And I am longing to be one that does not do that for you. 

If there is one lesson I've learned from 2017 it is to be authentic. I'm not talking about Instagram's #liveauthentic. I'm talking being myself and being real with you all. I celebrate the fact that I can be a serious, deep thinker yet a goofy, wild child.  

So as we look towards the future I promise to be me. I promise to be silly. I promise to laugh. I promise to tell real stories. I promise to share my authentic opinion on products. I promise to be Erik.

This is me.


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Photography: Will Palumbo

Falling for Fjallraven.

Erik Engstrom

After years of wanting, I finally got my hands on a Fjallraven Kanken backpack, and just in time for this beautiful fall weather!

I have been ready for the falling leaves, hot chocolate, and late autumn bonfires, all while layered up in a good sweater or denim jacket. It's the best time of the year. 

For years I've had eyes for the Kanken backpack, longing to get my hands on the bag. Well folks, patience pays off. I now have one in my possession. I'm a sucker for a good bag, and this backpack packs the punch. Durable material. Handy water bottle pouches. Space for a laptop. This bag is nothing short of amazing. 

If you're looking for a new backpack, or some good outdoor gear check out Fjallraven. They are a stellar brand. Although I may have to admit, I may be a little biased as they are based out of Sweden. Represent. 


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