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Join the Family.

Erik Engstrom

Join the Warby Parker family.

I have an intense fascination with glasses. I remember as a little boy admiring my dad's, mom's, brother's and sister's pairs of glasses. Their spectacles added a very distinct unique look. And then there was me. 20/20 vision Erik. I dreaded the fact I had perfect vision. I craved owning a pair like the rest of my family. I would sneak my parent's room and wear their glasses for a little while. Just to barely create the illustration of what I would look like with specs. But really hoping that they would ruin my eyesight, consequently needing glasses. 

Now in my 20's and still not needing glasses. I have taken the liberty of purchasing as some would call it, "fakes." If thats what you want to call me, I'm a four-eyes fake. I'll gladly accept that title. Is is so wrong to want to compliment all my outfits with an intellectual perspective?!

My go-to eyewear is none other than Mr. Warby Parker. Warby offers sleek, modern designs for an exceptionally reasonable price. Truly, you can't argue with that. 

If you are concerned that you won't be able to pull off these high fashion specs, don't discredit Warby. Give them a try. Warby offers an at-home trial. 5 glasses for 5 days. For free. You don't pay anything. No shipping, no retail price for the frames, nothing. 

Do yourself a favor and choose Warby Parker. 

Have a good look.


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Coley | Sullivan | Stockton | Wilkie | Haskell

Kiss Me in the Rain.

Erik Engstrom



The moment I see rain splashing against the window panes I jump up and run out into the downpour, completely neglecting my barefeet. The joy that comes with standing outside amidst the clouds opening up their flood gates. Yes, I am a child at heart. 

This is me.

Gosh dang it I'm cute. 

There is nothing that can quite explain the moments after an intense rainfall. The quiet stillness. The purified aromas. The saturated greens. It is phenomenal, an experience that will never grow old. 

When going out to play in the rain, some may change their outfit to a pair of Nike shorts and some random old tee from your closet. That's not how I do rainfall. You can't waste the precious moment in the rain. In my mind, I am waiting for the moment my Allie shows up. Waiting for the perfect Notebook rainfall kiss scene. Sweeping her off her feet in wild passion. Hey, a boy can dream, can't he?

When I play in rain, I make sure I model it after The Notebook. A light colored button-down. Trousers that seem like I'm down for a classy dinner, but really I'm going to lay in the middle of a street with you and if a car comes, we die. Is that romantic? Eh, I'm not so sure about that either. 

Wondering what you should wear during the next rainfall? Check out these classic rain scene outfits: Breakfast at Tiffany's, Match Point, Dear John. Ok, maybe I just really want to kiss in the rain. 


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Warby Parker Sullivan | Bonobos Riveiera Madras Popover | Levi's 511 Trousers