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Reliable Wardrobe.


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Reliable Wardrobe.

Tommy Engstrom

This is bad, real real bad. Over the last few weeks my schedule has completely changed. I went from going to bed at a halfway decent time to being a complete night owl. I used to be in bed by 10:00pm at the latest and up early to go to the gym before work. Now, I have trouble getting into bed before midnight and most nights don't fall asleep until much later. It should go without saying that my gym membership has not been properly utilized as of late. 

Those early morning wake up calls have turn into the "Holy crap how is it that time, didn't my alarm go off?! I don't have time to make coffee! Shoot, what should I wear?" kind of mornings. Scrambled, chaotic, rushed. Those would all be accurate adjectives to use while describing my mornings. 

One of the key lifesavers (besides the Keurig machine at my office) has been having a reliable wardrobe. Key pieces of clothing that I can grab out of my closet or dressing and quickly put on as I rush out the door. Pendleton has been my go-to this winter. Warm. Stylish. Dependable. Everything that I want in my clothing. What I love most about Pendleton is the traditional Americana style that is seamlessly modernized with a slim pair of Levi's jeans and a pair of white Chuck Taylors. The perfect city ensemble. 

Pendleton has products galore to help you close out the winter season, as well as prep for spring - can I get an AMEN to that?! Be sure to check out their WEBSITE and find some pieces for your own reliable wardrobe.