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In My Skivvies.


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In My Skivvies.

Tommy Engstrom

Here is my New Year's Day wish: 

I, Tommy Engstrom, wish that I can stay in bed all day. I would like coffee and breakfast in bed. The latest copy of the Wall Street Journal will be sitting outside my hotel room door (not that I will necessarily read it, but being able to feel like an adult is alway nice). Fleetwood Mac will be spinning on the record player. No emails, text messages, or real life responsibilities will exist as my only worry for the day is to relax. And unwind. And move forward from the past year and reflect on the year ahead. I will dance around the penthouse in nothing but my long underwear, singing at the top of my lungs. Food and drink will be delivered to the room and it will be heaven. 

The likelihood of that all actually happening is slim to none, but I do know that I will be relaxing in nothing but Mack Weldon. Long underwear, crew neck undershirts, and my Sunday Pants - there is no other clothing that I would rather spend a relaxing day in. 

If you take nothing away from this article (which there is a lot learn - I mean, hello, dancing in your skivvies, reading the Wall Street Journal like an adult, I am a vault of useful knowledge and advice!), I pray that you realize this - anything and everything Mack Weldon should constantly be in your wardrobe. I only speak the truth. 


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