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chicago, il
united states

Fall > Winter.


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Fall > Winter.

Tommy Engstrom

Chicago, you aren't pretty right now. I always try to give winter a chance. I do love the cold, for a while at least. Fresh snow is gorgeous. The atmosphere, especially around the holidays, is magical. But freezing rain is disgusting. Slush sucks. And I hate having to get bundled up every time I want to leave my apartment. Chicago, the fact that I almost broke my tailbone this morning on my way to the gym does not make your case any better.

Fall always has and always will be my favorite season. I can still get my fix of cooler weather, without having my beard freeze solid the second I walk outside. Fall fashion trumps all. Layers. Sweaters. That is what I want. Sure, winter allows for lots and lots of layers, but when I end up looking like a marshmallow waddling my way to the train, I'm not so fond of it. 

So today, as the forecast calls for continued freezing rain throughout the day, I am going to stay in my apartment and dream of days from autumns passed. Crisp leaves crunching under my feet as I walk. Cool brisk walks throughout the park. Hot coffees being had. Yea, that is going to help me through today.