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Tommy Engstrom

Rain. At first, it can seem kind of depressing, right? Think about it - it's a beautiful day out, not a cloud in the sky, and then all of the sudden storm clouds come rolling in. The sky gets dark, there's a chill in the air, and then it starts. Rain. Most people don't like getting caught in the rain. It almost gives you a sense of helplessness. What are you supposed to do? No umbrella. No raincoat. You just have to stick it out or run for cover. 

But what if the situation is different? What if you want to be outside in the rain. What if you are prepared and have a raincoat on? Rain can actually be kind of fun then! 

For years I have wanted a rubber yellow raincoat. Leave it to Helly Hansen to come through and delivery exactly what I ask for. Mixed with fashion and usability, this coat carries a punch. Throw it out into the middle on nature and we have quite a picturesque site. Here's the dream though - go to Iceland and take pictures in this coat. For now, this beautiful waterfall in rural Minnesota will have to do.