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A Very Mack Weldon Christmas.


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A Very Mack Weldon Christmas.

Erik Engstrom

Christmas is by far my favorite holiday. Gathering with family and friends. Celebrating Jesus' birth. The snow. The presents. It's one of the most wonderful times of the year. 

Of all my family's traditions, nothing quite beats Christmas morning. As kids, my siblings and I would rush downstairs, still in our pajamas, to open our stockings. What had Santa delivered us the night before? After littering the living room with wrapping paper, my family would make our way to the kitchen to eat an enormous breakfast. Omelets, bacon, sausage, bagels, orange juice, coffee. We had it all. I loved that tradition - bumming around, feeling comfortable, filling our stomachs with delicious food. I never want to stop that tradition.

Tommy and I recently partnered with Mack Weldon, a menswear brand that is out to perfect the basics. Even as adults, Mack Weldon still allows us to rush downstairs in our pajamas on Christmas morning. While we first make our way to the kitchen for a cup of coffee, we are still just as excited to open our stockings. 

I've never worn more comfortable sweat shorts and shirts. Now that I've found Mack Weldon, I get even more excited to open up packages of socks and underwear! These gifts were not my favorite growing up.

The products that MW comes out with are perfect for lounging around on Christmas morning, or really any morning for that matter. And if you choose to disagree, I may just have to fight you. 

There isn't much time left, but if you're still looking for a Christmas present for a boy in your life, be sure to check out MW's gift list for last minute presents!


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