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Ministry of Supply.


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Ministry of Supply.

Erik Engstrom

this article was sponsored by Ministry of Supply.
opinions and thoughts are always mine.

A couple of years ago my brother and I witnessed Ministry of Supply for the first time.

We were invited to a fashion show on the top of a hotel in downtown Chicago. After a night of a few drinks, meeting people, admiring the engineering behind the clothes, and watching the fashion show - I quickly fell in love with the brand.

Of course, Ministry of Supply was that clothing brand. It was my first taste and see experience. The sleek dresswear functioned better than any other I had seen before. My first product I owned was Supply socks. I wore them for years, they were some of the most comfortable socks I’ve worn.

Today, I am excited to partner with Ministry of Supply.

My workweek always looks a little different. Day by day, I don’t know what to expect. Full time student, working in a church, and photography. My schedule and lifestyle can be anything from casual to dressy. I found myself constantly needing something to match my organic way of life. Ministry of Supply offers advanced engineered clothing to fit just that.

For the past couple of weeks I have been trying the Aero Dress Shirt and the Momentum Chinos.

The Aero is a perfect shirt for a professional day at work and a quick transition to play. The shirt supplies the perfect comfort and feel for an active day. Whether running around work or a night on the town. I hate dress shirts that cannot handle the heat. NO ONE wants to see pit stains. In the weeks that I have had this shirt I have had zero stains, and it’s been like 80 degrees here in Illinois. The ventilation in the armpits allow great airflow to enter into the easily heated areas of the body. I could talk so much more about the the softness and collars. It’s hands down a wonderful shirt.

The Momentum Chinos are probably my favorite of the two products. They literally are built for it all. From cycling to walking and running. I have full movement in these pants. After work I have played a little basketball in these trousers. While I don’t recommend always doing so, they worked. They are incredibly comfortable as well. Feel like lightweight sweatpants but built for the workday. It’s easy to dress the pants up for a day in the office or a few drinks at a bar.

If you too want to try these highly engineered products be sure to use my discount code: THEAMERICANSWEDE20