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Bachelor Weekend: Family, Heritage, Experience.


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Bachelor Weekend: Family, Heritage, Experience.

Erik Engstrom

this article was sponsored by Duluth Pack.
opinions and thoughts are always mine.

duluth pack - canvas hat

This past weekend was one for the books.

Early Friday morning, I hopped on a plane and took off for Washington state. It was the beginning of a weekend of celebration. My cousin Carl is engaged to marry his beautiful fiancé early next year. So the groomsmen packed up our bags and flew to Washington for a very adventurous bachelor weekend.

The plan was to pack the necessities and enjoy a party on the mainland before we traveled to Cypress Island.

When I lived in Minnesota I discovered a premium handcrafted brand, Duluth Pack. I’ve always admired the attention to detail and the deep roots to MN the brand has. I’ve own a few items from them in the past and always stop by the store when I’m in Duluth, MN. When I was packing for this trip, I knew I needed the best quality and the best brand with rich heritage.

duluth pack - urban pack

duluth pack - canvas hat

I snagged a couple bags for the trip and we were off.

duluth pack - urban pack

duluth pack - canvas hat

We made our way to Cypress Island - telling stories and making memories. The journey to the island was feeding our anticipation. We knew our time together was going to be rich and full of laughter.

our home - cypress island

duluth pack - wanderer

My main camp bag for the weekend was the Wanderer. This bag is a staple piece for a sojourner. It’s classic, rugged aesthetic makes it one of the most attractive outdoor bags. While also being one of the most functional. There was plenty of room in the main compartment for clothing, toiletries, rainwear, camera gear, Black Diamond headlamp, and more. I know this is a crowd favorite already, but if you’re looking for a bag with rich history… look no further.

duluth pack - wanderer & urban pack

Saturday we decided to venture off on a hike. We scaled the landscape of the island. All of us were absolutely blown away by the beauty. It was a wonderful time being active and swimming in a lake. Well maybe only two of us swam.

Truly, I am so grateful that I was able to spend time celebrating my cousin in such a beautiful place, with some of his closest of friends. These are moments I will cherish.

duluth pack - wanderer

Carl, as I reflect on this past week - I hope you know how loved you are. You are surrounded by people who care for you, encourage you, celebrate with you, laugh with you, and are willing to be vulnerable with you. As we closed our weekend we toasted to the character and memories each one of us has had in our lives with you. I look forward to celebrating with you and your wife! I believe you two will have an incredibly grandiose marriage.

Happy bachelor weekend.