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Erik Engstrom

this article was sponsored by Own & Every Man Jack.
opinions and thoughts are always mine (& Florin, girlfriend).

Most people know I’m a big Every Man Jack fan.

I’ve used their products since high school. Thank you Target for being a faithful supplier of a wonderful brand. The design, the product, and the team at EMJ continue to amaze me; I’m a lover of EMJ.

When you find a good thing, you always need to share it. So I’ve unapologetically promoted them to all the dudes I’ve known, but I could never share the goodness that is EMJ to my female friends.

No longer.

For the past month my girlfriend, Florin, has been using Every Man Jack’s women line: Own. A new brand coming from the EMJ family. Like EMJ, Own provides a more natural product line for the ladies.

“Years ago I learned about the multitude of bad ingredients that are commonly found in hygiene products. Since then, I have done my best to avoid things such as parabens, synthetic colors and artificial fragrances. The tricky thing about finding products without toxins is that they often don’t have the lather or yummy scent we are used to. I was extremely impressed by Own’s body washes and I haven’t used anything else since receiving them! I have been especially enjoying the coconut+mango scent for summer,“ Florin.

She has been using the lavender+vanilla and coconut+mango body wash and deodorant. To her finding a natural product that lathers on and moisturizes is crucial. The body wash is like a revival for dry skin. Own has a wonderful scent that really gets you squeaky clean.

Florin hopes that Own comes out with as many products for the ladies as EMJ has for the men.

“The EMJ product that I find myself stealing from Erik most often are the body wipes! I love using them after a warm walk to work or before a date night with Erik if I don’t have time for a shower. I would love for Own to release body wipes in some of the female scents,” Florin.

Overall, I am personally excited to encourage my female friends about Own!

erik + florin.

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Coconut+Mango Body Wash
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