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Dollar Shave Club.


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Dollar Shave Club.

Erik Engstrom

this article was sponsored by Dollar Shave Club.
opinions and thoughts are always mine.

I have a problem.

I can never decide whether or not to shave. To shave or not to shave. That is the question. Winter time I love a little scruff to keep me warm, but no one likes a sweaty beard in the spring/summer. So I’m going clean. Clean shaven.

For the next three months I’ve partnered with Dollar Shave Club - quality home delivery shaving kits. I’ve just started receiving my own kits and am blown away by the quality of the products. DSC has phenomenal razors and shaving butter leaving my cheeks and chin silky smooth. My girlfriend thanks you.

That’s not all the DSC provides. You may never have to leave home again. DSC is able to send body wash, shampoo, and even a toothbrush and toothpaste. Your morning routine got that much easier. I’m thankful and thrilled to be trying these products. Follow along on my journey via my Instagram feed and stories.

So gentlemen, start shaving.



Dollar Shave Club

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