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Clean as a Beast.


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Clean as a Beast.

Erik Engstrom

this article was sponsored by Tame the Beast.
opinions and thoughts are always mine.

I hate the stereotype that men don’t clean up. We do in fact wash our hands after we use the restroom.

Maybe it is us metrosexual gentlemen that are keen on keeping clean, but I find it crucial to keep my grooming standards to a maximum. I love experimenting with new brands and new products. The men’s hygiene section at Target or Ulta is no stranger to me.

This month I’ve been trying a new face wash and soap bar from my friends at Tame the Beast. I love my face wash and am more inclined to purchase body washes, but was excited to try something new. The face was no surprise to be a favorite. Tame the Beast has always done a stellar job at creating scents to impress, and the face wash is no exception. It’s like my nose is in paradise as I lather my face. I quickly noticed my face being less greasy as I continued to use the product. Passing my tests.

The bar soap was a little different at first. I’m used to loofah-ing with body wash. It was fun to experiment with the bar. Again, I was loving the scent of the soap. Different than other Tame the Beast products but I loved the pine-like scent. The texture was pleasant, even though it is more like a scrub. Being a usual body wash lover, making the switch to a bar was difficult with the sharp edges. I’d recommend rounded corners for a better and more comfortable fit in the hand.

The products are great additions for your bathrooms gentlemen. So if you’re exploring the Target aisle and can’t find a product to try - stop everything, head to, and try these products.


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