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Erik Engstrom

Every Man Jack Giveaway

Years ago I nervously packed up my life into a car as I ventured to Minnesota for college. Who knew a person's essentials could easily fit into a car? I had my clothes, guitar, food, furniture, and toothpaste. Everything I needed to survive. 

Those 5 years of college (yes, I had an extra year) were challenging, life-giving, most importantly maturing. I met incredible people, I gained irreplaceable wisdom, and I was ecstatic to move out of the dorm and into my own apartments. I hate dorm bathrooms. We all know what happens in there...

College was truly molding me into the man I am today. Meeting individuals from different backgrounds, religions, life choices, and also engaging and creating real relationships with my professors have all contributed to my maturity. Thank you. 

If I were to speak to an incoming freshman, I'd say:

"Embrace it. Embrace the fear. Embrace the courage. Embrace the people."

As corny and repetitive as it is, these are the years you will remember. So make memories out of them. 

Now, I couldn't have imagined this opportunity, but I'm venturing back to school for my masters. I'm feeling those nerves I once had all over again but a little more courage this time. 

My friends over at Every Man Jack have gifted me my bathroom necessities (I won't have dorm bathrooms to worry about this time). Thank you EMJ TEAM! LOVE YOU!

They also want to hook you up as well! One person will be able to receive a college grooming kit full of EMJ goodies ($100 value) for FREE!!

It is easy to do:

  1. Head over to Instagram. 
  2. Open up the EMJ photo about the giveaway (@The American Swede).
  3. Comment your greatest achievement in college (or for the freshmen, a goal that you have). and tag 2 of your friends.
  4. Finally, give Every Man Jack a follow and The American Swede a follow as well. 

The giveaway will be up for a week! I will pick a winner on Instagram Story next Wednesday!