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Relationships with Facial Hair.


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Relationships with Facial Hair.

Erik Engstrom

I have a love-hate relationship with facial hair. 

I was so ecstatic when I got my first peach fuzz hanging off of my neck in seventh grade. I was becoming a man. I didn't want to trim my 'beard' for years.  I embraced the lifestyle of a wannabe lumberjack, even though I was the furthest thing from one.

One side of me loves facial hair. I think mustaches and beards are dang sexy. I say this for myself, I think they increase my attraction 100% (but that's just me).  At the same time of loving facial hair, I hate facial hair. I hate having dry skin. It's a war zone on my face. I contemplate in the morning taking the razor to my face, while still applauding my appearance. Relationship status: confused. 

For the past couple of weeks I have found myself glorifying my facial hair. Even though it's summer and hot, I'm embracing the beard. And If i'm going to embrace the beard, I need to learn to combat it's consequences. 

My friends over at Every Man Jack knew exactly what I was thinking without me telling them. They send me over their hydrating beard oil. 

I'm a longtime fan of Every Man Jack - they are made in the California and use natural oils. They're oil is just another reason to continue buying their product. The oil conditions and softens  my beard while hydrating my skin. That's what I need. 

I look forward to keeping the beard for the summer and using this product. 


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