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chicago, il
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The Giving Key.


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The Giving Key.

Erik Engstrom

pay it forward. 

I'm not usually a jewelry type of person, but I have fallen in love with The Giving Keys. A friend of mine gave me this necklace and I truly love it. Quickly, I fell in love with the brand it self. 

I'm going to copy and paste their core values from their website:

Who we'll be tomorrow is not defined by who we were yesterday.

The space between intention and greatness is filled with hard work.

Paying it forward is the ripple effect that will change the world. 

The concept is simple. The momentum is powerful. I, myself, have been influenced by their product. I was extremely touched by my friend's gift. I now wear the necklace everyday. It is a wonderful gift to give. Or if you're like Tommy, you just want to purchase one for yourself. Whatever you do, I encourage to follow through and wearing your key. Wear it proud. 

Not only am I behind the product, I am behind the brand. I have a heart for the homeless community. Since serving in downtown Chicago years back, these people have touched my heart. Every key purchased provides an opportunity for a person to transition from homeless to a career. Already The Giving Key has provided jobs for 70+ individuals. 

If you're like me and you enjoy fashion - this product is for you.
If you're like me and you stand for righteous causes - this product is for you.


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