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chicago, il
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Get Out More.


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Get Out More.

Erik Engstrom

sponsored by: Fisher + Baker

thoughts are my own.

My life in Chicago has been on constant go. From starting school again, running to meetings, introducing myself to people, to traveling downtown for drinks and a comedy show. It has all been crazy.

The adjustment has been real.

So much has been happening. I once lived in a place where the outdoors was always an access. Now here, I’m discovering endless facts about living in urban places again. Even with the rush of opportunity, struggle, and hustle of Chicagoland - I have to come to the realization that this is now home.

I just wish my home had a little more outdoors.

Recently, I’ve collaborated with Fisher + Baker to encourage my adventure bug. To say it simply, I’ve been out of balanced. My life has been consumed with the American thought of ‘go.’ But where is the rest? Fisher + Baker aims to bring balance back into gentlemen’s lives.


Combine fashion with function. Combine work with play. Combine city with outdoors.

I’ve always been drawn to the outdoors, yet find myself constantly in urban environments. It’s the place I live, it’s the jobs I pick up, it’s the people I meet. But I need a weekend at the cabin. I need a couple days up north. I need a place of solitude.

Excitingly, I’m getting ready to plan a trip away. Within the next month I’ve decided to travel to a ‘camp’ in Wisconsin for a little getaway. Maybe I’ll take a canoe out in the morning and watch the sunrise. I’m a romantic. I love beauty. I’m expectant that Fisher + Baker will encourage me to get out more and find balance.

Function + Quality

Let’s get down to the details.

Fisher + Baker truly pack the punch on all of their products. They are built for any circumstance.

My Chelsea Trench coat is packed with goodies. It’s windproof, waterproof, breathable, and has lifetime warranty. I’ve worn it during a downpour and I stayed dry. It’s the real deal. A trip to the PNW is much needed now.

Their products are all paired with timeless fashion. Which means you are getting quality gear that looks great.

Be sure to check Fisher + Baker out. They’re dope.


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oh , that i had the wings of a dove! i would fly away and be at rest.