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chicago, il
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From Dirty to Clean.


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From Dirty to Clean.

Erik Engstrom

With the weather somewhat warming up, I'm heading outside more. I'm going on walks, spending time by the lake, and hiking much more frequently. Thank the Lord! I've long awaited better temperatures. Now that it's here I just want to take my bike out for a ride.

There is just one dilemma. Slush. The worst part of this season is the in-between. The snow isn't covering everything anymore, but it isn't completely gone either. Therefore, we are stuck with the disgusting slush weather. Which means I'm making a mess of my clothes. And somehow, just somehow, I get dirt on my face. Ugh. 

Solution: Every Man Jack Facial Wipes

It is a quick fix to getting dirt off my face. No need for soap and water. I quick dab of a wipe and my face is dirt and oil free. I love this product because it is an extreme ease. There is no waiting for water to warm up, getting soap ready, and then drying off. One single wipe is enough to clean one muddy face. I feel like a kid again, when my mom would clean my face with a wet wash cloth. You better believe I will use this product all season long. 

Every Man Jack gets a thumb up on this product.