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Fall Budget Shopping.


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Fall Budget Shopping.

Erik Engstrom

I'm a true believer that good fashion does not have to be expensive. Of course there may be an article of clothing that I may want to spend a little more on, but if I can live on a budget and still look good, life is good. 

Fall is quickly approaching and I am in love with some of the latest trends. I've been reading the latest issues of GQ and Details on the search for some autumn wardrobe inspiration. I walked into Target the other day and I came across a new brand, Good Fellow & Co. It was love at first sight. If you are feeling nice earth tones for the fall, looking for simple classic pieces, or just can't help but resist for unnecessary Target purchases, I think this is the direction you should be taking. Their skinny chinos were the first thing that caught my eye. I grabbed 2 pairs, went to the dressing room, and fell in love. The stretch fabric has been a hit with many brands - Levi's, American Eagle - and now Target following suit. These are probably the comfiest pair of chinos I have. For the price of $22, the deal can't be beat. 


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Good Fellow & Co. Baseball Tee
Good Fellow & Co. Chinos
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