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Beast in the Wild.


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Beast in the Wild.

Erik Engstrom

I simply cannot contain the beast within.

I've expressed my obsession with water on The American Swede before. Whenever I go hiking and find a pond, lake, river, or body of water for that matter - I must go for a swim. Perhaps it's the kid inside of me or maybe just my love for nature, but the second I see water, I am stripping down to my shorts and running and driving into the refreshingly cool water.

This month I've been using the body wash from Tame the Beast. I love revitalizing and invigorating eucalyptus scent. On those early mornings weekday mornings, the aroma that fills the bathroom helps wake me up and get me ready for the day ahead. If you are looking for a new body wash, I highly recommend Tame the Beast. 


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Tame the Beast Extreme Yawp Body Wash

No ecosystems or fish were hurt in the production of this shoot.
Body wash was not opened in water. I highly encourage keeping the Beast to the bathroom.