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Camp Good.


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Camp Good.

Erik Engstrom

Memories..I'd stay up late sitting by the fire with my dad and then wake before dawn with him to reignite the flames from ashes. While he cooked the sausage and eggs, I'd watch the dew disappear from the grass and wait for the rest of my family to wake up. From an early age I have learned to have a deep passion and love for the outdoors. Camping. Hiking. Escaping the hustle and bustle of daily life - without these experiences as a child, I would not have the love for natural beauty that I currently have.

As I get older and begin making a life away from my family, I hold onto the traditions, rituals and memories from my youth. I must go and search. I must discover a sight that will leave me in awe. It's a important to branch out and mature. It allows us to start to fully grasp life and the beauty around us. I didn't fully comprehend this as a child, but now I do.

With all this talk of tents, exploration, and campfires, somethings never change. I wore Levi's jeans as a kid - I'd get them muddy and dirty playing in the woods and campgrounds. And here I am, years later, still sporting a classic pair of Levi's - Life. Camp. City. And everything in-between. 

Camp good. 


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