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A New Favorite Thing.


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A New Favorite Thing.

Erik Engstrom

My birthday this past week was one for the record books! It was packed full of adventure, food, friends, and a few of my favorite things. Three of my closest friends planned a entire day revolved around 25 of my favorite things. This list included coffee, a bonfire, Chipotle, beer, and apparently face masks. Yes, face masks. My friends thought it would be fun to try a new skin care. I was surprised at first, but then got really into it. I have been adding more and more skin care products into my morning regime and realized that there could be worse ways to spend your birthday. 

I've decided that today starts something new on The American Swede - skin care reviews. I'm going to be sharing my thoughts about products that I've tried and will give you my honest and likely completely biased opinions.

I picked up a face mask from Yes To about 3 weeks ago. Sometimes I have a hard time deciding which mask to purchase. Do I want a revitalizing mask? A moisturizing mask? There are so many options to choose from! Charcoal masks are my favorite, so I grabbed the detoxifying charcoal mud mask and headed home. 

I hate those random weeks when acne suddenly appears and has you like, "For real!? I thought I was done with teenage years.." Everyone gets acne...even adults! This mask gets deep for an excellent cleanse. I put on the mask, sat down and watched half an episode of The Office and was ready to wash off. After rinsing, my face was left incredibly soft and clean. It's like a day in the spa. 


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