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chicago, il
united states

Summer Colors.


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Summer Colors.

Erik Engstrom

If we could, we'd probably live on a gorgeous island off the coast of the Dominican Republic. We'd lay in the sun all day long. Wander through the jungle. And have monkeys feed us. Okay, maybe not the monkey part...but this Chicago heat has us dreaming. 

Summer I just have two words for you: THANK YOU!

We can finally stroll through the parks of Chicago without worrying about dreadful rainfall. This sunny weather is bringing out the colorful side of our attire. Summer colors. We both have been appreciating the same colors this year: pink, blue, and tan. Whenever we go to the mall, these are the colors that stick out. And then all of a sudden, we're leaving the store with a range of tones and styles. 

Jeans are always a safe option for any outfit. Wearing light pastels? Pair them with jeans. What about a sports jersey? Pair it with jeans. Perhaps a nice linen shirt? Pair it with jeans. Denim goes with anything. If you've been following The American Swede for a while, you're probably annoyed by this statement as Erik uses it ever chance he gets.

We have our favorites, but what are you favorite colors for the summer? 

erik + tommy.

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