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chicago, il
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Setting the Wild Standard.


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Setting the Wild Standard.

Erik Engstrom

I have lived in the same apartment for the past 2 years. While I've had ample time, I have never really fully decorated the space. Better late than never...right? 

Good friends of mine rented the apartment before I did. I would go over for game nights and hang outs, and I've always loved the space. Large windows. Natural light. Grey walls. Talk about living and photography-space perfection. So when they moved out of town, I knew that I had to scoop up the apartment.

Long story short, I have just begun fully making this space my own.
I'm setting my standards high. Wildly high. 

I have been collecting pieces for a gallery wall for years (Little City Love, thrift store finds, Target, and photographs from friends). These past few months I have been creating the wall of my dreams, but I've been missing a few items, one of those being a flag. I didn't want an American flag like every other frat guy. I didn't want a Chicago flag. I needed something that stood out. Something that fit my aesthetics and the look that I was aiming to achieve. Something that would meet the wildly high standards that I had set.

Introducing The Wild Standard

I ordered the Chicago flag from The Wild Standard and have been waiting for the perfect moment and placement for it. The Wild Standard makes their flags from hand and put so much detail into each product. I am obsessed with every product they make and their craftsmanship is something to appreciate - they even do custom work! I'm thinking that I will have to order something else very soon. 

Now that the flag has been hung, I can see the whole wall coming together. I love it. I do want to add more (a Sanborn Canoe paddle), but that time will come. For now, my standards have been met.


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The Wild Standard Chicago Flag