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chicago, il
united states

Chicago Mornings.


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Chicago Mornings.

Erik Engstrom

  1. Happy Memorial Day - thank you to all who have served and are serving in our military!
  2. Memorial Day calls for grilling out. I'm making bratwursts tonight.

This past week I was able to go to Chicago and spend some much needed time with Tommy. While the visit was quick, we made sure to make the best of it. Wednesday night we were able to attend The Tie Bar's 'Made to Measure' event and it was a blast. Walking around mingling with people. Enjoying cocktails and hors d'oeuvres. I am obsessed with their suits and had a great time seeing what all they have to offer. You could probably imagine how much I want a suit now. Afterwards, Tommy and I had our classic brother evening - pizza and beer. It's what we do. 

While the evening was great, I need to be honest, I love mornings in Chicago the most. I love waking up and seeing the city slowly come to life. While Tommy got ready for work, I slipped on an oxford from Gap and layered up in a cozy sweatshirt from Pendleton (thanks Tommy for letting me steal some of your clothes!), and snuck out to grab us donuts from Glazed. It is so calm walking the streets. Seeing old men walk their puppies, watching friends get together for a cup of coffee before work, or watch the runner sprint the streets, training for some big race. Whether I am out at an event, enjoying some delicious pizza and an iced cold beer, or simply walking around early in the morning, there is nothing quite like being back in Chicago.


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