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On Time.


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On Time.

Erik Engstrom

Timing is everything.

It's easy to start off the work week on the wrong foot. You wake up late. You stub your toe. You spill your cup of coffee. It happens. These things can easily throw you off guard. And just like that, you find that the rest of the week is following suit. 

Each morning I set 3 alarms on my phone, just in case I miss the first one. Unfortunately, it is easy for the smaller things to annoy me and throw me off my game. But I need to stay on time. Lucky for me, I keep a watch around to keep me on time. Timex has been my go-to watch since high school. I find that phones are too 'millennial' for checking time. I prefer keep a classic watch on my wrist at all times. 

Instead of dreading the work week because of bad timing problems, a smile and good attitude can do wonders and make the week go so much more smoothly. 

J.Crew button-downs are a must have this season, well, any season really. I love a good button-down from J.Crew. I recently went to the Factory and picked up this slim fit tan-colored shirt. At first I was not certain how to wear it, but week by week I am finding new combinations that I love. A light sweater over it, my work jacket from Levi's, and Red Wing boots. And of course, a classic timepiece from Timex. It's these details that keep time moving smoothly.


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