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chicago, il
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Froyo to Go.


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Froyo to Go.

Erik Engstrom

I love springtime. What is better than walking city streets, finding new restaurants, and stopping by the new local froyo place? Thank the Lord for froyo! #basic

The problem with the springtime - the weather can be unpredictable. One second you'll be walking the streets dry, the next you'll be drenched with rain. The afternoons can be warm, but quickly turn cold as the sun begins to set. How do you prepare for the spring?

I have officially found my new favorite shirt for spring, all thanks to Pendleton. The Surf Board Shirt. I've always been a fan of classic Pendleton wools and patterns, but nothing seemed to bring me back to that classic 60s surfer look like this shirt. A classic throwback for the modern day!

Pendleton already provides reliable clothing no matter the weather, and this shirt compliments spring colors while keeping me warm for those chilly evenings. 

How to style: I've worn this shirt a lot recently. I've found my favorite way to wear this shirt is to pair it with jeans and a pair of tennies. But a classic pair of grey slacks has been my second go to. Along with a trip to froyo.


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