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chicago, il
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Tommy Engstrom

The matter of the fact is that I love shopping. I love looking for new clothes. I love finding new shops and brands that I've never been to or purchased before. I love mixing and matching different styles and aesthetics. But at the end of the day, you always have to have your trusty go-to store. A store that you know you can always count on. A store that will always have good solid articles of clothing that you can wear anytime anyplace. 

For me, that store is the Gap. I have been shopping at the Gap for as long as I can remember - my mom would take my siblings and me there growing up to stock up on new clothes. And here I am, almost 30-years old, still in love with the brand and the clothes. There is something so timeless and classic about their style. 

I love walking into Gap and constantly being blown away by their ability to stay true to their style while keeping up with the latest trends. I can always depend on Gap for providing and satisifing my shopping needs. 

Winter. Spring. Summer. Or Fall. I will always be filled with #GapLove!