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What Working Out Does to You.


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What Working Out Does to You.

Erik Engstrom

I'm 4 weeks into CrossFit and it has done something radical to me. My body and my outfits are changing.

I work out nearly every single night and I'm hooked on the adrenaline, the drive, and the power that I feel through CrossFit. The only problem is that I find myself going through clothes faster. I have to do more loads of laundry and I am dressing way more casual than I would have before. This isn't necessarily a problem. In fact, I love sportswear. (Nike, I love you.)

I've been browsing for new workout clothes for awhile and my newfound workout routine is only giving me more reason to make some new purchases. Here are some items that are currently in my online shopping cart:

Nike 3/4 Pant
Nike Metcon 2
Rogue Basic Shirt

Tommy is driving up to visit me in Minnesota this weekend..what are the chances I can get him to do a WOD with me?


Shop the Look:
Nike Dry Miler
Nike Strike X Pant
Garmin Vivofit
Chrome Yalta Bag