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chicago, il
united states

Untold Stories.


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Untold Stories.

Tommy Engstrom

Photography is a beautiful thing. There is the obvious sense - a picture can be aesthetically beautiful. A photograph can display sweeping landscapes, intricate designs, and lighting. While I love these aspects of an image, what I love more are the untold stories behind each subject matter. Some may be obvious. Others left to the imagination of the viewer. 

It is obvious that I love exploring abandoned buildings. While I am not one for creepy environments, I cannot help but get pulled into the unknown. Walking around, looking at the artifacts left behind - school desks, old Nike sneakers, gym clothes, beer cans. The story of these places is not always obvious. 

I'm not a paranormal chaser, so everyday street clothes are good enough for me. Don't even try to get me to go on a ghost hunt. It won't happen. A stroll through an abandoned building during the day? Now that's something I can get on board with!


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