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Let Hope Rise.


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Let Hope Rise.

Erik Engstrom

looking towards Jesus, the pioneer of our faith

I'm a sucker for a good film. I'm a sucker for the plot, the acting, the lighting, the angles. I get stuck in a trance when a good movie is on. But none of that compares to a good documentary.

True stories. Stories being told through a documentary perspective are beautiful. A current favorite is Let Hope Rise. Let Hope Rise follows the story of the worship band, Hillsong United. This film sheds light on the need for hope in the world. Hillsong shares the hope of Jesus through music. "Music has the ability to enter someone's soul without their permission." 

With a stellar story-line, well-dressed people, and great visuals - Let Hope Rise packs an awesome movie. If you want to be encouraged for an hour and 43 minutes, this would be the film for you. I saw it and preordered it the very next day. 


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