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chicago, il
united states

"Photograph Me."


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"Photograph Me."

Erik Engstrom

"We'll never waste these tears on fears and cries. And now the world is ours to take."
Gentle Bones

Where have we wandered recently? 

Abandoned schools have always been a favorite for Tommy and me, so for obvious reasons, when we stumbled across a middle school on the fritz of destruction, we had to explore. 

These deserted spaces have always been a source of interest for me. What happened to the school? Did the administration suddenly decide to pick up and leave? Why are there clothes all over the place? Gym suits? Sneakers? Desks? Part of it is extremely creepy, but at the same time very surreal. Almost mystical. 

We found our way into the vacant locker rooms and discovered a magical glass wall giving the best diffused light I've ever seen. Best part - it was all natural light. I gave the camera to Tommy and told him quick, "photograph me."

I don't think I could be any prouder with the shots we got. My rugged outfit of worn Levi's, a wrinkled Patagonia long tee, and aged Red Wing Boots complimented the surroundings beautifully. This is one place I would constantly go back to for portraits. 


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