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I'm Adulting?


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I'm Adulting?

Erik Engstrom

Summer is like... over. I can't believe it. I'm slowly transitioning into trousers and sweaters. I've been packing away my Hawaiian tees and hanging up flannels, sweaters, and light coats in their place. Before you know it we'll have snow on the ground.

This week has been packed - work, meetings, lunch dates, and everything in between. Oh, and CrossFit. I had this breakthrough the other day. I usually hate routine and schedules. I like to live life without being confined by timelines and expectations. I prefer to go with the flow, but this week I've realized my life isn't exactly how I imagined. I wake up at 7:00am every day, do some reading, head to work, have lunch, meet with friends, work some more, have a moment of inspiration at 4:00pm, eat dinner, then go do CrossFit. You guys, I have a schedule... 

People, this is weird!

After discovering this about myself, I freaked out. "I'm not living life freely!" All exaggeration aside though, I totally am - I allow healthy distractions to invade my life, I choose people over work. I go with the flow, but based on schedule. 

I think I'm adulting...


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