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Watches...I Love 'em!


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Watches...I Love 'em!

Tommy Engstrom

Watches. I love me a good watch. Do you have certain things in life that you use or wear so often that it almost feels as though it has become a part of you? Many people say they feel lost without their phone. If they don't have their favorite baseball cap, their day suddenly becomes all but complete. For me? It's my watch. If I walk out of my apartment without a watch on my wrist, I feel completely naked. It's almost debilitating. I realize that the iPhone in my back pocket can tell me the time just as easily, but it's not the same. There is something about having that accessory constantly around my wrist.

I have a few go-to watches that I use on a regular basis, but that doesn't mean that my collection is limited. I like options. I recently became a brand ambassador for JORD Watches and have quickly fallen smitten with their gorgeous selection of wooden watches. 

Be sure to browse their site - the holidays are coming up...these make great presents! Just saying.