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Courage, Dear Heart.


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Courage, Dear Heart.

Erik Engstrom

Courage : the ability to do something that you know is difficult.

For 2 weeks I've been on a journey of learning about courage. More than ever, it has become evident that doing something courageous needs to be a part of the way we live. 

Every morning I wake up to the quote: "Courage, dear heart" by C.S. Lewis (Little City Love) framed above the foot of my bed. I read it as motivation for each day. Do something courageous; do something that makes me uncomfortable without the expectation of being successful. Pardon my French, but the amount of balls it takes to do something courageous is impressive. The adrenaline, the risk, the pure bliss. Even with all of the stress that may come along with risk, it's worth every second. Even if it's for 20 seconds. 

It's like asking a girl out. Your palms are sweaty. You like her. You don't know if she likes you back. But you build up every ounce of confidence to ask her out. You don't even care if she says yes or no. 

Courage. Life requires risk and adventure. Tommy had the courage to move to NYC years ago not knowing if he would make it. I moved to Minnesota not knowing if I would stay. Every decision in life requires a little courage, sometimes you just need to accept the path life is giving you.


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