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chicago, il
united states

What's the Story Here?


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What's the Story Here?

Erik Engstrom

Do you want to travel to a new city with me?

I promise it will be worth it. Whenever I go to a new place I make sure I run that fruit dry. I hate spending a short amount of time in a new place. I can't merely check something off my bucket list by just spending an hour there. I need to exhibit everything. 

When Tommy and I were in Seattle we traveled up and down, left and right, we covered every inch of land we possibly could. We tasted multiple coffee shops. We explored the local shops. We saw the neighborhoods. We experienced a parade. We made sure to see what the culture and the story Seattle tells. 

That's the question you should ask any place you go to.

"Whats the story here?"

If you don't find a story, you aren't looking hard enough.

Whether I am exploring nature and wandering a city - I need an outfit that will work. Lululemon's commission pants are comfortable and perfect for city wanders. My next advice is different person to person. Some say backpacks make you look like a tourist. I say, "what kind of backpack?" Yeah, if you still rock an all black North Face backpack you will look like an outsider. But rocking my Chrome bag in the city they originate, I'm no stranger. But you don't need just a backpack, you can use any bag. Be confident in your outfits. Be confident in you accessories. 


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