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Erik Engstrom

2017 is among us. 

2016 was a wonderful year. It was a year of new experiences. It brought new relationships, new opportunities, and new adventures. BUT it won't compare to 2017.

Tommy + I took last week off to bring in the New Year on a relaxing note. We settled down and dreamt where 2017 would take us. 

Everyone always says the next year will be better, the next year will be one of new beginnings. I don't think that is bad whatsoever. We are human, we are growing, we are discovering who we are. And as we discover who we are; we discover how we live. I'm discovering more and more I'm an adventurous spirit. A spirit that needs to wander. 2016 brought great adventures, but my wanderlust soul is being ignited even more with the thought of 2017. 

With plans to camp in national parks, to travel to different cities, and meet new people - 2017 is already revealing itself to be a good year. How do you keep the momentum going? Always be in a place of awe. Not a place of location but a perspective. Keep your mind fresh, keep your mind wanting, keep your mind in wonder. 

So if you're just as excited for 2017 as we are, continue to journey with us on this adventure.


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