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Soundtrack to My Life.


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Soundtrack to My Life.

Erik Engstrom

I was asked this question earlier this week:

"What song would describe your life?"

I've been contemplating my answer to that question literally every single day! What a question... Out of every piece of music since beginning of time, which best describes my life? Can we safely assuming that this is one of life's most difficult questions!?

Right away I thought, "One song is impossible to conclude. I'm sure that I could pick a song for certain eras of my life."

middle school - collide by howie day
high school - my stupid mouth by john mayer
college - sexy can i by ray j

Haha, well, maybe not that last one! But I can vividly remember when certain songs meant the world to me because it was so clearly relevant to what I was going through at that time. But a song for my entire life thus far? That's not so easy. 

I hope that one day I find one that expresses that ups and downs that I've gone through - it would have to include something about adventure, love, power, and really, it needs to have some quirkiness. Life is too short to take yourself too seriously. What song fits those criteria?

What about you? What's your song?


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