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chicago, il
united states



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Erik Engstrom

It's hard to imagine that it has been 5 months since Erik and I were in Washington. 

Seems like just yesterday we were strolling through Pike Place or climbing through the mountains. Now I'm fully back in the swing of things here in Chicago - strolling through the mountains of skyscrapers. But man, do I miss the green.

I can confidentially say, I've never experienced a peace like that before. There is an overwhelming wonder that overcomes you when you're wandering through the forest and spontaneously stumble upon a mighty river flowing. The only thing you can do is sit and stay awhile. 

And now as I sit in my apartment building, looking out my window at brick walls, cabs and buses shuttling people about, and a steady stream of people walking the sidewalks - I find myself missing being surrounded by the green forest and a true river flowing beneath me. Perhaps it is time for another adventure? Iceland? Patagonia? New Zealand? Let's go.


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