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Americano Diaries.


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Americano Diaries.

Erik Engstrom

If you've followed the Swedes for awhile you will know that one of us loves coffee (Tommy) and the other does not at all (me). Chai teas have always been my heart's desire and my easy go-to. I found peace and comfort in my lattes. Every month I tell my friends that I am willing to try a cup of coffee, only to discover the obvious. I do not like coffee. 

This past week I was in Louisville, Kentucky for a conference. I thought I should try some southern coffee and hope for the best (expecting to still not like it). So I went with my coffee-loving friends and was ready to log another disappointment in the books. With my little knowledge of espresso, I followed in their footsteps with my order. 

"16oz. Americano. Ethiopian."

Wait for it... I enjoyed it. My months of logging terrible coffee has ended with the award winning shop, Sunergos. Sunegros is a beautiful shop that has been said to have the nation's best espresso. It was no surprise I would find myself at their alter admiring their masterpiece. I kept going back throughout the week. 

My love for coffee shops now extends beyond my liking of tea and the atmosphere. I can actually enjoy what the shops were created for. Coffee. My next mission is to go back to my favorite locations and try their coffee. I'm thinking another trip to Storyville Coffee in Seattle is much needed. I loved the atmosphere. The dark wood, the comfy leather chairs. The large windows overlooking Pike's Place.

And thus begins Erik's Americano Diaries. Thank you Sunergos for broadening my horizons and proving to me that coffee can in fact be delicious. 


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