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chicago, il
united states

Wild, Passionate Things


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Wild, Passionate Things

Erik Engstrom

"I long to do wild, passionate things."
Katherine Mansfield

Is it possible to go someplace were you aren't able to stand in awe? 

Think about it. Cities have skyscrapers that baffle my comprehension of innovation. Nature is majestic, full of wonder and vast expanses. 

This world is full of opportunity - you simply need to find your passion and chase after it. (I say 'simply' lightly. I realize it is not always that easy to discover what you are passionate about). For some people that passion is the drive of business and leading people. For others is may be fighting to protect our environment and national parks. Do it people! Fight for your dreams. Do what you love. Do what makes you happy. I feel like I'm in the middle of both worlds. My passion is both in the wild and with people. I love meeting new people and working alongside brilliant minds (more typically found in cities). But I absolutely love wandering God's creation. I want to do wild, passionate things. 

In a weird way, my fashion needs to respect both worlds. I need an outfit that can endure the hustle & grind of city flow, but I need clothes that are durable and able to withstand Mother Nature. Black Diamond has been a brand that meets both of these needs. Made for climbing, this brand packs enough punch for a day in downtown Chicago or in the Minnesotan woods.


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