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A Walk Through the Market.


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A Walk Through the Market.

Tommy Engstrom

Chicago, I love you. But please close your ears for the duration of this post.

As I said last week, being out in nature last while in the Pacific Northwest far exceeded any expectations that I had going into the trip. I never realized how renewing the experience could be. How refreshed and alive I would feel after hiking in the mountains. It was an experience that I will never forget. That being said, the Pacific Northwest is so much more than just mountains, forests, and coastal views. 

Enter Seattle.

It had been eight years since my last visit to the birthplace of Starbucks coffee. In that time I had gone through multiple career changes, moved to and from New York City, started a food blog, and moved into the city of Chicago. And that's all just the surface-level stuff: it would takes pages upon pages to detail all that had changed. 

But one thing hadn't changed: my love for the city of Seattle. The people. The scenery. The atmosphere. The food. Waking up early, my brother and I made our way down to Pike Place Market to get an early start to the day. After a quick stop at Storyville Coffee for a cup of coffee, we began walking through the market and watched as the stands slowly came to life. Florists putting out their fresh picks. Painters setting up their masterpieces. There was an energy that was palpable. An energy that I had not felt in quite some time. 

All I can say for certainty is this: I refuse to let another eight years pass before returning to the Emerald City.


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